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Insurance is confusing enough without having to go to several places to get the insurance you need. Assets Management Group offers a wide variety of insurance coverage for people in Texas. We also realize every person's situation is different, so we can find policies that will fit your specific needs.

We offer policies for things like:

In Texas, you must have liability insurance for your car, with minimums for personal injury and coverage for property damage. If you are paying on your car, your lender will likely require insurance as well. On a newer car, you will also need to protect yourself by having collision and comprehensive coverage. Homeowners insurance is not required unless you are paying off a mortgage, but you would probably want to ensure your home as well.

People often think of liability coverage when thinking of insurance. We do offer that kind of protection for our customers, and liability is always an issue with commercial insurance. Another aspect of insurance coverage is protecting yourself from loss or damage to your property in Texas. Fire, theft, or storms can cause a lot of damage in a hurry, so it is wise to protect yourself by having your property insured.

Choosing the Right Agency

We have all kinds of coverage. In many cases, we can save you money when you combine various policies with us. We can also help get you coverage if you have specialty items that do not fit neatly into one of our categories. Our goal is to build you a policy that will cover any situation you may be put in and can walk you through the process.

Stop by and see us at Assets Management Group to find out how we can help you protect your property and yourself from liabilities you might incur. Our online tool can get you a quote for your car or home. For other types of coverage, you will have to visit our office or contact us by phone.

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