Boat/Watercraft Insurance

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If you have a boat or are looking to make a purchase before the season is underway, invest in boat insurance with Assets Management Group. Each year, Texas has more boats out on the waters that lead to more risk for accidents. While boating is fun and a common practice in Texas, it is vital that boat owners protect themselves from collisions and liabilities out on the water.

Accidents and Other Boaters

Like vehicles having to share the road, boaters have to share the waters with other boaters. The water doesn't have any posted lanes like a road, so all directions, turns, and speeds are found throughout these waters. No wake zones have a speed limit, but the open waters find boaters who like to experience higher speeds. Because of these decisions by other boaters, your boat can find itself the victim of an accident that is not your own. Since boating insurance is not required in Texas, the probability of the other boater having insurance is about fifty percent. With your policy, your boat insurance will cover damages to your boat and medical expenses for bodily injury against uninsured boaters.


You may have an accident and find yourself to be the cause. In this event, the other boater and passengers have a liability claim against you for any damages and medical expenses suffered by those hurt in the accident. Without boat insurance, you can find yourself in quite a financial obligation. Without insurance, you are solely responsible for these expenses. However, boating insurance covers liability claims, protecting you from this out-of-pocket obligation.

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