Home Insurance

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Assets Management Group helps new and existing homeowners in Texas with all of their home insurance needs.

Home Insurance Quotes

Consult with your agent about basic coverage and supplemental insurance for risks that may not be covered under a basic policy, such as flood damage, damage from hail storms, storm/sewer drain backups, etc.

Home Insurance Review

An agent can also conduct an insurance review for a homeowner who already has a home insurance policy. This review makes sure the plan is adequate for the homeowner’s needs in light of any changes that have been made to the property and to update a replacement cost valuation. This should be done at least once per year or at any time if new construction, additions, renovations, or other significant changes to the home happened.

Understanding Texas Home Insurance Requirements

Under Texas law, it is permissible for a lender to require a homeowner to have home insurance in order to qualify for a mortgage loan. The maximum amount of insurance that the lender is allowed to demand is the replacement value of the home and its contents, even if the mortgage is for a higher amount. In Texas, a lender is also allowed to require a borrower to have flood insurance if the home is located in a federally-designated flood zone.

It is a good idea for a homeowner to have adequate home insurance protection, even if the lender does not demand home insurance or the amount required is low because the mortgage is less than the home’s replacement value. It is also important to consider getting flood insurance even if not required because the risk of flood damage in Texas is increasing due to climate factors.

Consult with your agent and let the agent review any existing home insurance policies to get advice about home insurance that adequately protects against risks to the home and its contents. Give your agent a call or visit the Assets Management Group office to get a quote for home insurance. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes from home.